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    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Best Way On How To Get Backlinks To Your Site

    If you want to gain visibility and recognition on the Web,promoting your website is extremely important. For attracting visitors, you need to use effective SEO strategies. We will tell you some practical tips on how to get backlinks to your site:

    Let us start by submitting your website to free and paid web directories. This way, you are inviting quality web traffic to your site. Getting your website listed in web directories will also improve your link popularity. Many directories also offer paid submissions with a featured link.

    Article submission- Publish relevant articles and include a link to the author’s web page to display your expertise in your own field. Some of the articles you publish may be used by external websites as part of their resources, which will help you get even more backlinks. The articles which you have written and submitted to article directories always link back to your website or online business.

    Marketing and promoting your RSS feeds can bring you a considerable number of visitors. Create a web page for displaying your RSS feeds and use suggestive icons. Update your RSS feeds on a regular basis to keep people coming back.

    Create links in Wikipedia to drive traffic to your website. All external links must conform to certain formatting restrictions. You are not allowed to link to websites that display copyrighted works and websites that match the Wikipedia-specific or multi-site blacklist of spam.

    Write articles using link baiting. This means that you have to write about controversial topics, which will automatically generate links and discussions. For example, you can interview prominent people and publish it, run a special ‘event’ such as a contest, be the first in doing something on the internet, disagree with an authority or present an event from a unique perspective.

    Leave comments on other people blogs to get backlinks to your own website or blog. Get involved in discussions on topics related to your niche. When it comes about SEO, writing and submitting articles is not enough; you have to get in touch with other journalists, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to express your point of view, even if you have a different opinion.

    Ask a family member, friend or colleague to take a look at your website and write a review. Also, he must publish the review on his website. This way, people will be interested to know more about your site.

    Link back to other people’s blogs and articles. They might do the same for you. Link exchanges are okay as long as they are relevant to your blog. Don’t spam your backlink everywhere. Also, keep in mind that some backlinks will raise your page rank while others will have a negative impact your website popularity.

    Use your knowledge to help the others. Join Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Usenet, Yahoo! Answers, Live Qna, Askville and any other websites that give you the opportunity to answer questions. Every time you answer a question, add relevant links to your website.
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    1. great! just finding how to get backlinks for my site..thanx for providing it.

    2. Nice post...Its really helpful in getting more clicks...


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